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1021-Sitka to Ketchikan, AK

Some of the sights on the way to Sitka.

This post is a segment of the journey driving from Alaska to Southern California.


1021-Sitka to Ketchican9

So close you can see the shadow of the ship on the rocks. If you were a good
spitter you could hit land from the ship.

1021-Sitka to Ketchican8The ship is this close to the rocks traveling 20 knots. Great driving by the captain.

1017-Columbia Ferry1This is the ship we are on cruising this close to the rocks. 400 people, cars, trucks, and 65 crew.

1021-Sitka to Ketchican7The ship is heading through this narrow passage between the markers.

1021-Sitka to Ketchican6

1021-Sitka to Ketchican5

1021-Sitka to Ketchican4

1021-Sitka to Ketchican3

1021-Sitka to Ketchican2

1021-Sitka to Ketchican1


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