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1025-Hoover Dam – Las Vegas, NV

Hoover Dam was built between 1931 and 1936 and borders Nevada and Arizona and backs up Lake Meade. It’s only a few miles from Las Vegas so on a recent trip to sin city I had to make the journey. A new bypass bridge has been built as a result of 911. It was thought that terrorists would drive across the main dam with a truck load of explosives and do the dam in. The old dam was also an impediment to transportation. It’s narrow two-lane road stalled traffic for hours as tourists strolled the length of the dam. The new bridge is a monument to engineering and is amazing to look as as well as cross.

1025-Hoover Dam10

New bridge under construction (photo stolen from the internet).

1025-Hoover Dam9

Aerial view of the new bridge (photo stolen from the internet). 1025-Hoover Dam8

(photo stolen from the internet).

1025-Hoover Dam7I stole even more from the Internet.

1025-Hoover Dam6

I took these photos.

1025-Hoover Dam5

1025-Hoover Dam4

1025-Hoover Dam3

1025-Hoover Dam2

1025-Hoover Dam1

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