Where In The World Is Scott

1030-Las Vegas, NV

Janine and I visited Las Vegas for the weekend and saw some amazing sights. We went to a Cirque du Soleil show that was stunning. Hung around a few downtown hotels and had a couple of good meals. Apparently our trip didn’t stay in Vegas.

1030-Las Vegas13Only in Vegas.

1030-Las Vegas12Is this what a MILF drives??

1030-Las Vegas11Cirque show.

1030-Las Vegas9Girl with balls.

1030-Las Vegas8

1030-Las Vegas7Fake Italy.

1030-Las Vegas6More fake Italy.

1030-Las Vegas5

1030-Las Vegas4

1030-Las Vegas3

1030-Las Vegas2Need a mattress flower garden?

1030-Las Vegas1How about a car garden?


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