Where In The World Is Scott

1336-Santa Cruz, CA

I haven’t been to Santa Cruz in over thirty years. It’s still a hippie surf town that is slowly being gentrified to the disapproval of many of the old-school residents. I stayer with my old high school chum Tom Starkey. We caught up on old times and shared many new times with each other. Tom showed me around the city and the famous Steamers surf spot. It was small today as Mavericks goes, but was still exciting the watch the excellent surfers do their dance on the waves. We furthered up the coast to Wilder Ranch State Park and had a wonderful hike along the bluffs. I finally saw the California coast I had missed the previous two days.

Map-Santa Cruz

TomMy High School pal Tom.

DSC_9389Along the coast at Steamers.

DSC_9392Steamers Lane Toilet Bowl.

DSC_9394Steamers Lane.




DSC_9420Wilder Ranch State Park.






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