Where In The World Is Scott

454-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a large, clean and, fun city with a population of about 13 million. I really enjoyed Buenos Aires. The city is generally a safe place with hard working good spirited people. As you can see from the photos, Buenos Aires has a large middle class. I spotted hundred of swimming pools as we landed. The city is a lot cleaner than Rio with excellent food, and entertainment. I would like to revisit Buenos Aires and a considerable amount of time there. It is called the Paris of South America and after my stay in France a couple of years ago, I believe it. The architecture, the wide boulevards, along with may parks makes this city one of the most inviting I have visited. I shall return – except this time with a little more Spanish under my belt.

CIMG5840One of the many walking only shopping streets.




CIMG5762Middle class communities.


CIMG5761It’s flat, flat, flat.


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