Where In The World Is Scott

525-Laguna Beach, CA

Every time I go to SoCal I make a trip to Laguna Beach. It’s one of my favorite beach communities because of it’s beauty as well as the high level of art shops and galleries. I walked the streets and the main beach area as well as the Laguna Art and Sawdust Festivals. Great art and odd people make my day.

525-Laguna Beach8The bird man.

525-Laguna Beach7Only in Laguna Beach.

525-Laguna Beach6

525-Laguna Beach5I also made a pilgrimage to my old high school make-out spot in Laguna Beach. This is the cove I used to take my female accomplices. I hadn’t been there in many years and wanted to hear the sounds of the ocean on the rocks. Here is a video of the sounds of the ocean at Moss St.

525-Laguna Beach4

525-Laguna Beach3

525-Laguna Beach2

525-Laguna Beach1

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