Where In The World Is Scott

597-Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a cheap and smelly version of Las Vegas and Bourbon Street in New Orleans. It has the glitz and glitter of a the strip and the smell of Bourbon Street gravy. This tourist section along the coast is disgusting. It’s all titty bars and frat beer joints. I didn’t miss the signage and the smell.

597-Cancun7I want to see a woman listen to music through her tits.

597-Cancun6Titty bar.

597-Cancun5Vegas style shows!!!

597-Cancun4More slime.

597-Cancun3Love any hotel named after a psychoactive plant.

597-Cancun2Cheap and slimy.

597-Cancun1Okay okay, I did go in there, but I didn’t inhale.

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