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805-Musee Mechanique – San Francisco, CA

Visited the Musee Mechanique on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. It’s filled with antique mechanical music boxes, games, and attractions from the early 1900’s to an old PacMan video game. It’s a hoot. We spent many a quarter traveling back in time to earlier vintage amusement.

805-Musee Mechanique18

805-Musee Mechanique17

805-Musee Mechanique16

805-Musee Mechanique15

805-Musee Mechanique14

805-Musee Mechanique13

805-Musee Mechanique12

805-Musee Mechanique11

805-Musee Mechanique10

805-Musee Mechanique9

805-Musee Mechanique8

805-Musee Mechanique7

805-Musee Mechanique6

805-Musee Mechanique5

805-Musee Mechanique4

805-Musee Mechanique3

805-Musee Mechanique2

805-Musee Mechanique1

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