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919-Capilano Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge north of Vancouver is a 446 foot suspension bridge 230 above the Capilano River. I hadn’t been here in over forty years so it was really cool walking across the gorge again. New bridge connections through the trees as well as a new cliff walk feature made the trip even better this time.

919-Capilano Bridge13

919-Capilano Bridge12

919-Capilano Bridge11

919-Capilano Bridge10

919-Capilano Bridge9

919-Capilano Bridge8

919-Capilano Bridge7

919-Capilano Bridge6

919-Capilano Bridge5

919-Capilano Bridge4

919-Capilano Bridge3

919-Capilano Bridge2

919-Capilano Bridge1

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