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501-Eagles – Kenai, AK

On the beach in Kenai check out the Bald Eagles fighting with the gulls over a dead fish. This eagle had about a four-foot wingspan. Who wants the dead fish? [...]

April 8, 2011 Animals

219-Largest Fish – Alaska

Everything is Alaska is large. Here is a photo of the world’s largest halibut. It weighed 459 pounds. and was 9’ 5” long. Also, here is the largest King Salmon ever caught. It’s probably weighed around 90 pounds. Both are [...]

February 15, 2010 Animals

218-Largest Bear – Alaska

If you still haven’t had enough of Alaskan bears, here is the largest Kodiak Brown Bear ever shot. This huge guy is over ten feet tall and is one nasty critter. I was glad he was in a glass case [...]

February 15, 2010 Animals

186-Even More Bear – Anchorage, AK

Apparently all of these bear sightings in the city are a rare occurrence. I have spoken with a lot of locals who have never seen a bear in the city limits. If I’ve been in Anchorage only a few weeks [...]

January 15, 2010 Animals

185-More Moose – Alaska

This scene was out my office window into the backyard. Here’s the scenario. Last time I saw this mama she had two moosettes with her. Then we had the nasty bear attack incident. Now she has only one moosette. It [...]

January 15, 2010 Animals

184-More Bear – Alaska

Some people build swimming pools in their back yards. But outdoor pools in Alaska just won’t work. Since this particular family lives on the outskirts of Anchorage, they decided to build a sturdy, colorful playground for their 3 and 4 [...]

January 15, 2010 Animals

181-Moose – Alaska

This young buck was looking for a snack at the end of my driveway. It ain’t the Bullwinkle I’ve known as a kid. My Bullwinkle always had his friend Rocky with him and wouldn’t try to ram my car as [...]

January 15, 2010 Animals

171-Animals – Alaska

Muskox are the only mammal that resides above the Arctic Circle that does not hibernate. Their coat is so think they can survive the harsh winters at 160 below zero. During the summer, muskoxen live in wet areas, such as [...]

December 16, 2009 Animals

161-Bears In The Neighborhood – Alaska

Here are photos of the bear that tried to break in to my neighbors apartment. The photos were taken by nearby residents who live about a mile away. They were on the local newspaper’s web site.   Here kitty, here [...]

December 15, 2009 Animals

160-Godless Killing Machines – Alaska

Stephen Colbert is correct when he calls bears (godless killing machines without a soul) the #1 threat to humanity. These creatures aren’t the “smarter than the average bear” Yogi wanting to share an afternoon picnic with Ranger Rick and Boo [...]

December 15, 2009 Animals