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1220-Yoga – Halibut Cove, AK

Our guide Lucas is also a yoga instructor at the lodge so he and Janine had a lot in common to talk about on the hike. We arrived at the glacier so I suggested they do some “show-off yoga.” It [...]

July 19, 2015 Alaska, Interesting Stuff

1115-Instant Karma

Karma is a principle of causality in many Asian religions that maintains for every act done, no matter how insignificant, it will eventually return to the doer with equal or greater impact. Good will be returned with good and evil [...]

August 24, 2014 Interesting Stuff

1036-Wild Kingdom – Anchorage, AK

My former Anchorage, AK neighbor Mike Baker was recanting the story of the bear that tried to attack me in my own driveway. He has little kids so they have enjoyed the story many times. The photos I took have [...]

December 15, 2013 Interesting Stuff

1034-My Cali Car

I finally did the deed today and changed out my Alaska license plates for my new California plates. I said a sad goodbye to them and will display them in my office along with my oosik. This is the same [...]

November 23, 2013 Interesting Stuff

1020-Totem Poles

I had four hours in Sitka so I headed for Totem Park. This was a small exhibit of some of the artistry of the Native carvers but a wonderful experience to see large totems in their natural setting. The tall [...]

November 8, 2013 Interesting Stuff

1018-Engine Room

This is the first time I have been on a ship this size for a length of time. So of course I had to score a tour of the engine room. It was smaller than I expected but still rather [...]

November 7, 2013 Interesting Stuff

1016-Native Carvers

Sheldon Museum in Haines, AK. Native carver is working on a commissioned totem pole that will be installed on the ground of the museum. He told me it will take him about a year to complete the carving and painting. [...]

November 7, 2013 Interesting Stuff

1009-Out of Alaska

Six years in Alaska was a long time for a southern boy. But I did it, met a lot of wonderful people, had great adventures, and am thankful I had the opportunity to explore the Last Frontier. I wanted to [...]

November 5, 2013 Interesting Stuff


I was sitting in my office at the university when my old friend saw the light on and wanted to hang out. Up to my window he came. Moose are very curious, very stupid, and very dangerous. A number of [...]

October 16, 2013 Animals, Interesting Stuff

1006-Iditarod 2013-Start

The 2013 Iditarod Trail Race kicked off with the ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage. 67 teams representing over 1,000 dogs started off on one of the world’s last great races. The fog bank that enveloped the downtown area all morning [...]

October 16, 2013 Interesting Stuff