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1384-Flowers – Halibut Cove, AK

Halibut Cove is one of the most serene and beautiful spots in Alaska. I spent a good amount of time walking through the gardens. Check out the wonderful plants and flowers that grow abundantly through the summer. Click here for [...]

July 5, 2016 Alaska, Scenery

1383-Nixon Mountain – Halibut Cove, AK

Some of the locals in Halibut Cove, AK call this mountain Dick Nixon. I’m sure you can see the resemblance. [...]

July 5, 2016 Alaska, Interesting Stuff, Scenery

1382-Eagle – Halibut Cove, AK

Caught these photos of an amazingly beautiful eagle that made his home in Halibut Cove, AK. [...]

July 5, 2016 Alaska, Animals

1381-Eagles – Halibut Cove, AK

I watched this pair of eagles as they surveyed the bay that was their private feeding area. Suddenly, a pair of young brown eagles ventured into their space. The older pair began screeching at the teenagers and eventually left their [...]

July 5, 2016 Alaska, Animals, Interesting Stuff

1380-Tides – Halibut Cove, AK

The tides in Halibut Cove Alaska can be fierce. The few days I was on the cove, the tides were 28 feet: +24 high and -4 low. Boaters had to time their trips according to the tide charts. As you [...]

July 5, 2016 Alaska, Interesting Stuff

1379-Plane Crash – Halibut Cove, AK

General aviation is risky business, but none more risky than flying in Alaska. Every couple of weeks another small plane crashes when bad weather, water, and inhospitable terrain collide  to challenge the pilots skill. Reading about them in the newspaper [...]

June 21, 2016 Alaska, Interesting Stuff

1378-I Made It! – Anchorage, AK

Made the final push into Anchorage. Roads were rough with frost heaves but the real difficulty was extreme winds. 50 mph gusts that tried to toss me off the road. At times I was going 35 mph and tacking like a sail [...]

June 21, 2016 Alaska, Alaska Ride, Motorcycle Trips

1377-Triumphal Return – Anchorage, AK

I made my triumphal return to Anchorage by catching every light on 5th Avenue and then being so focused on riding one more block I inadvertently ran the red light and then almost crashed into the back of Janine’s garage. [...]

June 21, 2016 Alaska, Alaska Ride, Motorcycle Trips

1376-Anchorage, AK

The final push to Anchorage was also difficult. Extreme high winds with fifty mile an hour gusts trying to blow me off the road. At times I was going 35 mph and tacking like a sail boat. The roads were [...]

June 21, 2016 Alaska, Alaska Ride, Motorcycle Trips

1375-Tok, AK

This was a nasty ride to Tok, AK. Too much of the road was under construction with mile after mile of loose gravel, mud, dust, convoys, frost heaves, and generally a tough ride. I got my ass kicked on this [...]

June 21, 2016 Alaska, Alaska Ride, Motorcycle Trips