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1024-Evergreen Air Museum – Portland, OR

The Evergreen Airplane Museum is one of the finest collections of aircraft I have ever seen. I am an airplane buff and regularly visit the Smithsonian in Washington DC as well as many others across the country. Over the years [...]

November 12, 2013 Aircraft, US Travel

911-Arctic Thunder Air Show – Anchorage, AK

Every two years the local Air Force base (Elmendorf) holds the Arctic Thunder air show. I missed the show last year so was quite motivated to attend. I was able to get right up on the flight line with the [...]

January 21, 2013 Aircraft, Interesting Stuff

797-Air Force Thunderbirds – Portsmouth, NH

While traveling through New Hampshire returning from Maine caught the Air Force Thunderbirds practicing for their show the next day. [...]

June 28, 2012 Aircraft, US Travel

796-Airplanes – Maine

Stopped by this airport on our way back from Maine to check out a private WW II air force. All of these aircraft have been totally refurbished and frequently fly at air shows.     [...]

June 28, 2012 Aircraft, US Travel

721-Blue Angels – San Francisco, CA

Caught the Blue Angels during Fleet Week in San Francisco. There were several hundred thousand people down at the wharf and I didn’t want to be with them. I out smarted them all by climbing the hill to Coit Tower [...]

March 30, 2012 Aircraft, San Francisco

712-USS Midway – San Diego, CA

USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41) was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the lead ship of her class, and the first to be commissioned after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert [...]

March 29, 2012 Aircraft, San Diego

694-WW II Museum – New Orleans, LA

While in New Orleans I checked out the World War II museum. It’s quite the sobering event to see the hardship, struggle, and human misery that was inflicted on the world by power-hungry fanatics. Everyone should visit this museum at [...]

February 1, 2012 Aircraft, New Orleans

364-Airshow – Anchorage, AK

Each year Elmendorf Air Force base in Anchorage, AK hosts “Arctic Thunder.” This airshow featured the Air Force Thunderbirds flying team. Here are some of the static displays. B-25. WWII cruiser. From an aircraft carrier. What’s the Navy doing here [...]

September 12, 2010 Aircraft, Interesting Stuff

351-Air Show – Anchorage, AK

Anchorage Airport had a cool air show. Here are a few photos of interesting aircraft. Cockpit from previous photo. Gotta scoop that show. Cockpit from previous photo. [...]

September 12, 2010 Aircraft, Interesting Stuff