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Me at four years old. Yo, where the bitches at?   [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1486-This Is How People Die

This is how people die. On our recent trip to New Orleans I ordered the most amazing breakfast I have ever had. It might look like a mess on the plate, but this is pancakes New Orleans style. If I [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1485-Train Horn Madness

Janine has a long-time friend who lives in Florida along with her brother Eddie who lives across the street. We stayed with Eddie a couple of nights. Eddie recently purchased a new big truck and tricked it out in a [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1484-Street People

We live at the beach in South Orange County, CA where there is a small homeless population. One of their own left this monument to a friend. I thought it was a rather moving testament. [...]

June 10, 2017 California, Crazy Stuff

1483-Alaskan Winter

This is why I don’t live in Alaska anymore. [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1482-The South

My boys are electrical lineman and are currently working in the Southern states. They know I like crazy photos on my blog so they send me photos every now and them. Here is their last collection. Just what you need. [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1481-License Plates

Here are some of the interesting license plates I’ve seen on the road. This was on a large SUV. Then tell her. Why do you need a bumper sticker? [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1480-Vice President

This last semester I ran for Vice President of the Academic Senate at school. I am fairly new at the school and lost to a long-term faculty member. It was okay. My department crew rose to the occasion with appropriate [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff

1479-Bucket Truck Ride

My two boys are electrical lineman and they have always promised me a ride in their bucket truck. We visited them in Florida a few months ago and I got the ride of my life atop the 65 foot boom [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff


This is a potpourri of crazy photos that really didn’t fit anywhere else. Electrical box in Sacramento, CA I have to get one of these. Single car accident. How does this happen? This is how my friends make me ride [...]

June 10, 2017 Crazy Stuff