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1435-Vulture Feeding – Colombia

Vultures are some of the creepiest yet beautiful birds in the wild. They have a job to do and are built for the task. With no feathers on their head or neck, the vultures are able to stick their heads [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia

1433-Talking Parrot – Colombia

We visited the Colombian National Aviary outside Cartagena. The parrot exhibit is the first thing you see. Out driver knew the birds were talkative and gave it a shot with ola. I finished up trying to “parrot” back the sounds [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia

1432-Alaskan Truck?? – Colombia

I couldn’t believe my eyes outside Cartagena, Colombia when I spotted an Alaskan truck. It was a brand new Renault. First of all, who knew Renault manufactured trucks and second of all, what the hell is this Alaskan truck doing [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia