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6-La Maison – Marseille, France

Here are some photos of where I am staying. It is freezing cold today after an amazing storm last night. [...]

February 21, 2009 France

5-Celebration of the Lamb – France

I will try almost any food at least once and tonight was one of those times. I was invited to come along to a birthday party for a child of one of Mohammed’s friends. Everyone there was either from Tunisia [...]

February 21, 2009 France

4-Sign Language – France

As a teacher I have spent many years communicating new concepts and ideas to people. But nothing prepared me for the experience of being on another planet where the people  look like me, but the sounds coming out of there [...]

February 21, 2009 France

2-More Than I Expected – France

I am getting around on public transportation – the bus. A couple of days ago I needed to go to the large shopping area and no one here had ever done it before on the bus. So I went to [...]

February 21, 2009 France

1-Out of New Orleans

Well, I am here in the South of France (just north of Marseille) for a while staying with my niece Courtney and her husband Mohammed and their two little girls ages four and two. I had to get out of [...]

February 21, 2009 France