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1542-Toyko – Japan

Our second stop was in Tokyo. Our goal for stopping in Japan was to try blow fish of Fugu. Unfortunately, we arrived on the absolute worst day of the year. It was a Friday, and Christmas weekend, but was the [...]

January 21, 2018 Japan

1541-Fruit Cutting – Japan

Because of Janine’s connections in the travel industry, we often stay in suites or other amazing rooms at hotels for next to nothing. It was no different in Tokyo. We stayed at a wonderful hotel with too many services for [...]

January 21, 2018 Japan

1540-Beer Machine – Japan

The Japan Airlines lounge was well stocked with many breakfast items and snacks. But I wasn’t about breakfast when there was tap beer. Only the Japanese would need to create a machine to pour the perfect beer every time. I [...]

January 21, 2018 Japan

1539 Toilets – Japan & India

The Japanese have a fixation with bodily cleanliness and thus have invented the state-of-the-art of toilets. I have never seen a toilet with a control panel but I’m into technology and cheap thrills. So I sat down and took a [...]

January 21, 2018 India, Japan