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598-Bimbo – Cancun, Mexico

I know it’s a Mexican bread company, but is always makes me smile whenever I see the brand. I wonder if they make donuts? [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

597-Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a cheap and smelly version of Las Vegas and Bourbon Street in New Orleans. It has the glitz and glitter of a the strip and the smell of Bourbon Street gravy. This tourist section along the coast is [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

596-Bus Ride – Cancun, Mexico

Took a bus ride to the downtown tourist section. Apparently this driver was in a bit hurry. He is going probably 100 mph down this highway. You can see us pass other vehicles that are going about 60 mph. It [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

595-Fashion Channel – Cancun, Mexico

The fashion industry must consist of many troubled people. This was a fashion show I saw on Mexican television. I’m really horny. Translates to “I really need the money.” [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

594-Television – Cancun, Mexico

The weather turned bad for a time so all you could do was stay inside and watch Mexican television. Here is what I saw. The Elian Gonzalez channel. Again, I really mean it. And this guy showing you how to [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

593-Hotel Burning – Cancun, Mexico

We were resting in the hotel room when suddenly someone ran down the hallway banging on all of the doors and yelling something in Spanish. We immediately thought it to be pranksters. We took out nap and got up to [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

592-Rosemary’s Baby

I hate kids on vacation. This manipulative little spawn was showing who was in charge as her parents did everything to make her happy. I saw this little shit several times at the hotel making her parents relaxing trip to [...]

August 7, 2011 Crazy Stuff, Yucatán

591-Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is another beautiful Mayan pyramid site located on cliffs overlooking the ocean. It’s about 2 hours outside of Cancun on a good fast highway. Unfortunately this idyllic site has been turned into another theme park with everything roped off. [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

590-Cancun for Dummies

Yes, this guy is reading “Cancun for Dummies” and holding it up proudly. Must be an American. [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán

589-Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Mujeres is a sleepy island off the coast of Cancun. It is laid-back and touristy cool. An hour boat ride gets you to the island where you rent a golf cart to cruise the island. The ocean is beautiful [...]

August 7, 2011 Yucatán