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882-South East Aisa

This last March Janine and I visited Thailand and Cambodia and made a quick stop off in Hong Kong on the way home. For those of you who are geographically challenged, here is where we went. The following blog posts [...]

November 24, 2012 Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand

881-Royal Palace – Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is the official residence of the King of Thailand and is used for state functions and ceremonies. Construction began in 1782 and is still going on. Currently there is a major renovation in progress but [...]

November 24, 2012 Thailand

880-Wat Pho – Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest Wats in Bangkok. It is known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. It is located directly adjacent to the Grand Palace. It’s architecture is distinct and is not nearly as [...]

November 24, 2012 Thailand

879-Wat Arun – Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun is across the river from the Royal Palace and the over the top Wats. It is a little more subtle yet distinct in it’s own way. There is a lot less gold here and more tile.   [...]

October 25, 2012 Thailand

878-Wat Phra Kaew – Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred Bukddhist temple in Thailand. The main building houses the statue of Emerald Buddha. The temple site sits next to the river so you travel there by river taxi. The Royal Palace [...]

October 25, 2012 Thailand

877-Weekend Marketplace – Bangkok, Thailand

The weekend marketplace in Bangkok is an extraordinary collection of small shops and vendors selling almost anything you can imagine. They had goods from every corner of the world but especially good produced in Thailand. If you could think it [...]

October 25, 2012 Thailand

876-Snake Show – Bangkok, Thailand

There was no way I was leaving Thailand without seeing a cobra show. I had to go by myself but that was okay. It was everything I wanted to see in a snake show – and more. Check out this [...]

October 24, 2012 Thailand

875-Floating Marketplace – Bangkok, Thailand

Had to visit the Floating Marketplace outside Bangkok. It used to be a real marketplace for the locals, but has turned into a tourist trap – but still a must see. It’s about an hour and a half outside Bangkok [...]

October 24, 2012 Thailand

874-On The River – Bangkok, Thailand

Our hotel in Bangkok faced the river. Out of our window I could follow the boat traffic up and down. If you have seen other posts in this blog you know that I enjoy sitting by the Mississippi River in [...]

October 24, 2012 Thailand

873-Miscellaneous Thailand

This post is a miscellaneous bag of photos that fit nowhere else. Getting our daily massage. Yea, Monks get to go to the front of the line – everywhere! Sculpture in the Bangkok airport. I got nothing on this. Monks [...]

October 24, 2012 Thailand