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  • 1475-Bugatti – Peterson Auto Museum
  • 1472-Silver Room – Peterson Auto Museum

531-Hung – Hollywood, CA

Do we really need a television show about a guy with a large schlong trying to make a living with it? Hollywood seems to think so. On my recent trip to SoCal, every bus bench in Hollywood was covered with [...]

May 8, 2011 California

530-Steamers – Fullerton, CA

There’s got to be something wrong with this picture. I formerly lived in New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz and all hip music. Now I am in Anchorage, AK where most jazz is played on a whale bone. I [...]

May 8, 2011 California, Music

529-Roadkill – Fullerton, CA

This pretty much says it all. I  bet Jesus would have shopped there.   [...]

May 8, 2011 California

527-Lakeman’s Market – Fullerton, CA

When I was a kid I used to ride my bike over to Lakeman’s Market everyday after school and plop down my 15 cents for a 16 oz. RC cola and stand there drinking and reading the magazines. Those days [...]

May 8, 2011 California

525-Laguna Beach, CA

Every time I go to SoCal I make a trip to Laguna Beach. It’s one of my favorite beach communities because of it’s beauty as well as the high level of art shops and galleries. I walked the streets and [...]

May 8, 2011 California

524-Laguna Lake – Fullerton,CA

As a kid I had a snapping turtle and piranha fish as pets. When I got a little older I needed to get rid of them. So I took them the local city lake and set them free. Years later [...]

May 8, 2011 California

523-AR-15 – Anaheim, CA

I knew SoCal was getting more violent, but this photo proves it. When the motorcycle cops are packing AR-15’s on their bikes, you know there is trouble on the streets. [...]

May 8, 2011 California

522-Choices – Barstow or Beaches, CA

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s between a nasty rock, a horrible rock, or a soft place. Let’s see…. Don’t make a mistake here of you could end up someplace you don’t want to ever be. [...]

May 8, 2011 California

521-Hyperbaric – Stanton, CA

My brother is co-owner of a hyperbaric oxygen facility in Stanton, CA – Advanced Hyperbarics. While in SoCal I went for a dive to impregnate myself with high pressure O2 – just like Michael Jackson used to do. I think [...]

May 8, 2011 California

520-Jeans – Hollywood, CA

What has the world of jeans come to? I guess they’ll have to differentiate themselves by doing stupid outlandish things in hopes of getting attention. But you’ve got to be kidding me. I wonder if Joe speaks lesbetian? I’ve heard [...]

May 8, 2011 California