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532-World Leaders – Yorba Linda, CA

Bet you never thought I’d be hanging around with historical world leaders. If you did, you were wrong. Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Khrushchev Winston Churchill and Charles De Gualle. [...]

May 8, 2011 California

531-Hung – Hollywood, CA

Do we really need a television show about a guy with a large schlong trying to make a living with it? Hollywood seems to think so. On my recent trip to SoCal, every bus bench in Hollywood was covered with [...]

May 8, 2011 California

530-Steamers – Fullerton, CA

There’s got to be something wrong with this picture. I formerly lived in New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz and all hip music. Now I am in Anchorage, AK where most jazz is played on a whale bone. I [...]

May 8, 2011 California, Music

529-Roadkill – Fullerton, CA

This pretty much says it all. I  bet Jesus would have shopped there.   [...]

May 8, 2011 California

527-Lakeman’s Market – Fullerton, CA

When I was a kid I used to ride my bike over to Lakeman’s Market everyday after school and plop down my 15 cents for a 16 oz. RC cola and stand there drinking and reading the magazines. Those days [...]

May 8, 2011 California

525-Laguna Beach, CA

Every time I go to SoCal I make a trip to Laguna Beach. It’s one of my favorite beach communities because of it’s beauty as well as the high level of art shops and galleries. I walked the streets and [...]

May 8, 2011 California

524-Laguna Lake – Fullerton,CA

As a kid I had a snapping turtle and piranha fish as pets. When I got a little older I needed to get rid of them. So I took them the local city lake and set them free. Years later [...]

May 8, 2011 California

523-AR-15 – Anaheim, CA

I knew SoCal was getting more violent, but this photo proves it. When the motorcycle cops are packing AR-15’s on their bikes, you know there is trouble on the streets. [...]

May 8, 2011 California

522-Choices – Barstow or Beaches, CA

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s between a nasty rock, a horrible rock, or a soft place. Let’s see…. Don’t make a mistake here of you could end up someplace you don’t want to ever be. [...]

May 8, 2011 California

521-Hyperbaric – Stanton, CA

My brother is co-owner of a hyperbaric oxygen facility in Stanton, CA – Advanced Hyperbarics. While in SoCal I went for a dive to impregnate myself with high pressure O2 – just like Michael Jackson used to do. I think [...]

May 8, 2011 California