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733-Italian Day Parade – San Francisco, CA

Caught the tail end of the Italian Day parade through the Tenderloin District in San Francisco. Those Italians know how to throw a street party. Here’s the end of a wild day. This isn’t Mardi Gras. Looks like cowboys to [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

732-Tenderloin District – San Francisco, CA

I love hangin’ out in the seedy sections of town. I loved the old 42nd St. in New York City before it was Disneyized. These are funky places but safe if you keep your wits – especially at night. There [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

731-Straight to Hell – San Francisco, CA

This is what I mean by people watching in the Tenderloin District. I was in San Francisco during Fleet Week. The Navy was in town, sailors everywhere all looking for a good time. Most sailors were told by their CO [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

730-Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, CA

Some cool shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

729-Haight-Ashbury – San Francisco, CA

Took a bus tour through several of the areas in San Francisco I had not visited before. Here are a few shots from Haight – Ashbury. It’s no longer a hippie nest but it still looks cool. [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

728-Houses – San Francisco, CA

A few of the “Painted Ladies” of San Francisco. Reminded me a lot of New Orleans. [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

727-Architecture – San Francisco, CA

    San Francisco is a gumbo of building styles and colors. Here are a few of the most interesting buildings as I walked through the city. [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

726-Coit Tower – San Francisco, CA

Coit Tower is the highest spot in the city. I climbed to the top up the stairs leading from the wharf. Along the staircase are picturesque hidden gardens, statues, flowers, and views. It’s quite the climb even if you stop [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

725-Car Show – San Francisco, CA

So I’m walking at the end of the wharf and stumble on a mini-car show. The local boys pulled out their rides for a little beer and polishing. These spit shinned originals glowed in the artificial lighting of the street [...]

April 28, 2012 San Francisco

724-Street Cars – San Francisco, CA

Coming from New Orleans I love the street cars in San Francisco. They acquired old cars from many cities across the country, refurbished them, and have them dance down the tracks on Market St. and the Wharf. [...]

March 30, 2012 San Francisco