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121-Pawn Shop Vegas Style

This pawn shop was advertised all over Las Vegas. I can’t imagine pawning your jewelry or Rolex watch for another chance at throwing your money away gambling. Remember, it’s not gambling anymore – it’s “gaming.” Las Vegas – built on stupidity [...]

October 17, 2009 Las Vegas

120-Las Vegas, NV

We spent some time in Las Vegas checking out the strip and seeing a couple of shows. Here are some photos of our adventures. [...]

October 17, 2009 Las Vegas

125-Cirque du Soleil – Ka

Chris and I experienced the Cirque du Soleil show “Ka.” This is my second Cirque show and I loved this one as much as the first. A custom multimillion dollar theater was built for this show. It was a thrilling [...]

October 17, 2009 Las Vegas

128-Hoover Dam – Las Vegas, NV

Any male who gets near Hoover Dam has to make the pilgrimage. It is the manly man construction site of all times. Unfortunately, after watching all of the television shows on the construction of the dam, it is not as [...]

October 17, 2009 Las Vegas

127-Freemont St. – Las Vegas, NV

Freemont Street is old-school Las Vegas. As the strip was being built five miles away, people began avoiding this area. The casinos were small and the area was seedy. The counter this, the merchants of Freemont Street designed the “Freemont [...]

October 16, 2009 Las Vegas

122-Fat Ass – Las Vegas, NV

I am not kidding you about this. These chairs are here so that obese Americans who can’t fit on the standard slot machine stools can piss away their money. It was gross seeing huge people sit there. They don’t even [...]

October 16, 2009 Las Vegas