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898-Eagles At Jazz Fest – New Orleans, LA

Okay, I thought I was toooooo cool to go see the Eagles perform. I usually stay away from the main stage because I hate the million strong all fighting for a view. But we went near the stage to check [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

897-Jazz Fest Bass Players

So what’s the deal these days with hot bass players??? Of course – Esperanza Spaulding. Bass player from the Latin band Rumba Buena. [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

896-Jazz Fest Native Dancers

One of my favorite stops at Jazz Fest is the Native American dancers. Their costumes are always amazing and so colorful and their dances are spectacular and very entertaining. It’s great to see different Native cultures dancing at the same [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

895-Jazz Fest 2011 – New Orleans, LA

This is a grab bag of photos from the Fest showing how many people were in attendance. Too much like NASCAR. Way too many flags. Looks like Woodstock. This goddam monkey was everywhere. OOOOOHHHHH the Cochon de Lait Po-Boy. [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

894-Jazz Fest Mardi Gras Indians

The Mardi Gras Indians are a tradition in New Orleans and Jazz Fest. Each year the various social organizations parade throughout the Fest as well as display their costumes for all to see. [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

893-Touch Down Jesus – New Orleans, LA

One thing you don’t ever want to do if you are drunk in New Orleans and wandering around the French Quarter is turn down the wrong street and stumble upon this. This is “Touch Down Jesus” on the back side [...]

December 24, 2012 Crazy Stuff, Interesting Stuff, New Orleans

893-Jazz Fest Dancers

This is how you dance at Jazz Fest. [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

892-Society Music – New Orleans, LA

Every couple of years I get lucky and run into The New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra in New Orleans. I love the old music and this group plays period arrangements of popular music of the period of 1890 through 1934 [...]

December 24, 2012 New Orleans

892-Jazz Fest Second Line Kids

The second line is a tradition in New Orleans. Youngsters are trained from an early age to take up the tradition. At Jazz Fest there is always a second line going on some where. Here are a couple of young [...]

December 24, 2012 Jazz Fest

891-Sign in New Orleans, LA

Sign in a store in New Orleans. [...]

December 24, 2012 New Orleans