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1411-Hispanic Festival

Sacramento is a very culturally diverse city and on a beautiful day in October, what’s better than a festival honoring the Hispanic population. Food and drink along with a constant flow of entertainment culminating with the folkloric dance troupe. [...]

November 15, 2016 California

1410-Sacramento Bridge

Tower Bridge is a vertical lift bridge across the Sacramento River, linking West Sacramento in Yolo County to the west, with the capital in Sacramento County to the east. This is a beautiful old iron bridge built in the Eiffel [...]

November 15, 2016 California

1410-Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado

This is the 2,000 mile course through Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. This trip also included: Cody Rodeo, Buffalo Bill Dam, Smithsonian Museum of the West, Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Black [...]

August 7, 2016 Colorado, South Dakota, US Travel, Wyoming

1409-Fall River – Estes Park, CO

If you need a few minutes of relaxation, stare at this video. [...]

August 4, 2016 Colorado, US Travel

1408-Old Faithful – Yellowstone, WY

The iconic old girl never fails. Every 92 minutes she blows her top and provides an amazing show of natures beauty and power. I scored a view on the back side of the geyser so I didn’t have thousands of [...]

August 4, 2016 US Travel, Wyoming

1407-Yellowstone Park, WY

These are just a few of the photos taken in Yellowstone Park. Please click on the link above for a gallery of the colors of Yellowstone. [...]

August 4, 2016 US Travel, Wyoming

1406-Prismatic Spring – Yellowstone, WY

Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone Park is the most stunning example of nature’s internal beauty. The hot boiling lake and surrounding algae and bacteria fields changed color depending on the angle of the sun and your particular position. These photos [...]

August 4, 2016 US Travel, Wyoming

1405-Rodeo – Cody, WY

Cody, Wyoming is the self proclaimed rodeo capital of the world. I had to go to the rodeo and be a part of the tourist attraction that operates every night during the summer months. It’s triple A ball for the [...]

August 4, 2016 US Travel, Wyoming

1404-Mt. Rushmore, SD

t. Rushmore is an iconic depiction of the American spirit carved out of the rock in South Dakota. Unfortunately, my experience at the sculpture was not pleasant. Thousands of tourists filled the huge parking structure with lines of cars competing [...]

August 4, 2016 South Dakota, US Travel

1403-Crazy Horse Monument, SD

The Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota is a moving tribute to Native Americans that dwarfs Mt. Rushmore just a few miles away. I spent several hours touring the Native art center, crafts, and museums. I took the bus tour [...]

August 4, 2016 South Dakota, US Travel