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129-Home At Last

Chris was finally delivered to his Southern California home in Fullerton. It was a great trip for both of us. Eleven days of solving the world’s problems, bitching at each other, tell each other to go to hell, burping and [...]

October 17, 2009 US Travel

128-Hoover Dam – Las Vegas, NV

Any male who gets near Hoover Dam has to make the pilgrimage. It is the manly man construction site of all times. Unfortunately, after watching all of the television shows on the construction of the dam, it is not as [...]

October 17, 2009 Las Vegas

127-Freemont St. – Las Vegas, NV

Freemont Street is old-school Las Vegas. As the strip was being built five miles away, people began avoiding this area. The casinos were small and the area was seedy. The counter this, the merchants of Freemont Street designed the “Freemont [...]

October 16, 2009 Las Vegas

122-Fat Ass – Las Vegas, NV

I am not kidding you about this. These chairs are here so that obese Americans who can’t fit on the standard slot machine stools can piss away their money. It was gross seeing huge people sit there. They don’t even [...]

October 16, 2009 Las Vegas

116-Arches Park

Arches National Park in Moab, UT is on of the most beautiful natural geologic formations I have seen. The were formed as a great sea resided and different concentrations of materials dissolved at different rates. When the waters had dried [...]

September 19, 2009 US Travel

115-Gonzo – Moab, UT

Apparently this cafe in Moab, UT is a result of an episode from the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” written by Hunter S. Thompson. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but Chris needed a photo [...]

September 19, 2009 US Travel

114-Bayou Cooking? – Mancos, CO

This is just not right. Real cajun cookin’ in Mancos, CO. I don’t think so!!! There is not a gator within 2,000 miles of this place. [...]

September 19, 2009 US Travel

113-Bus Ride – Silverton, CO

These were photos taken from the bus on the ride down the mountain from Silverton, CO to Durango. Looking out at the 13,000 peaks the train is in the valley over the mountains. [...]

September 19, 2009 US Travel

112-Wild Jerky Fudge – Silverton, CO

I don’t care how you slice or dip it, wild jerky fudge doesn’t sound that appetizing. From what part of the animal is this made? [...]

September 19, 2009 US Travel

110-Silverton, CO

Silverton, CO is at the 9,000 foot level in the mountains above Durango. It is a shortened name for “Silver by the Ton.” It was a silver mining town during the 1800 to 1900s. So much silver was being mined [...]

September 19, 2009 US Travel