Where In The World Is Scott

94-Roswell, NM

Roswell, NM has always held a special meaning for those of us who are not from here. Maybe what happened at Roswell was first contact with a Klingon or a Ferengi or a complete hoax perpetrated by an evil government [...]

July 19, 2009 New Mexico

93-New Mexico Skies

New Mexico has some of the most beautiful skies in the country. Check out some of  these views along the way. Heading toward White Sands [...]

July 19, 2009 New Mexico

92-Beat Your Meat In New Mexico

In New Orleans there is a meat market called “Wagners.” Their slogan is “You Can’t Beat Wagner’s Meat.” I thought this was the ultimate marketing slogan that no one else could ever use. I was mistaken. This old water wagon [...]

July 19, 2009 Crazy Stuff, New Mexico

91-Carlsbad Caverns, NM

I have always wanted to go to Carlsbad Caverns, so this was going to be one of the top stops on this road  trip. Carlsbad, NM is a spit in the road town with the only attraction being the caverns. [...]

July 19, 2009 New Mexico

90-San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a very beautiful  city and we were there on an exceptional day. As you can see from the photos, the weather behaved itself. We first visited the Alamo and found it to be very disappointing in stature. [...]

July 19, 2009 US Travel

105-New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the most beautiful places I have traveled. Since entering the state from Texas, it only got prettier and prettier. Here are a few photos of the New Mexico mountain areas. These were taken on the [...]

July 19, 2009 US Travel

103-Rio Grande Gorge – El Prado, NM

The Rio Grande Gorge is located west of Taos, New Mexico, and cuts through the basalt flows of the Taos Plateau volcanic field. The gorge reaches a depth of 800 feet just south of the Colorado border, within the boundary [...]

July 19, 2009 New Mexico

89-Gitterdone – West Texas

What hath God wrought when Larry The Cable Guy infects every fertilizer store throughout America. This trailer was somewhere in southern New Mexico on the wan to Carlsbad Caverns. I guess it was fitting that the trash truck was also [...]

June 20, 2009 US Travel

88-West Texas

Two days through west Texas looks like this. Hundreds of miles of nothing. Every now and then we would see a flock of buzzards feasting on road kill. It made us hungry for something similar at the Dairy Queen. Really, [...]

June 20, 2009 US Travel

87-Alamodome – San Antonio, TX

The Alamodome is a rectilinear three-level stadium which can seat up to 65,000 spectators for a typical football game but is expandable to hold 72,000 spectators, allowing the possibility to host a Super Bowl. The arena configuration (basketball/hockey) takes 12-18 [...]

June 20, 2009 US Travel