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  • 1475-Bugatti – Peterson Auto Museum
  • 1472-Silver Room – Peterson Auto Museum

1459-Poor Eat The Rich – Anacortes, WA

Every now and then strangers leave messages in unexpected places that leave a mark on your soul. I saw this prophetic message scratched in the wall of a porta-potty on the way to Anacortes, WA. It sadly rang true to me [...]

June 2, 2017 Seattle, US Travel

1458-Seattle Fish

Pike’s Market not only has flowers, but is best known for fish. I don’t know what these two were doing, but they seemed so sad I just needed to buy em and eat em. Okay, I didn’t – it was [...]

June 2, 2017 Seattle, US Travel

1457-Seattle Flowers

When you are in Seattle Pike’s Market is a must see. We were there at the beginning of spring and all of the flowers were at peak perfection. Every stall in the market had fresh flowers. Great competition and wonderful [...]

June 2, 2017 Seattle, US Travel

1456-Southern California Coast

Yes the Marine Corp is a few miles away. The whales were being followed.   [...]

June 2, 2017 California, Southern California, US Travel

1455-Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles has changes since the last time I had been downtown years ago. We were at a conference and began wondering around one night trying to find a particular restaurant. We found a well-lit, safe and friendly nightlife. There [...]

June 2, 2017 California, Southern California, US Travel

1454-Solar Mirrors – Mohave, CA

When you were a kid did you ever try burning ants with a magnifying glass? Well, this is one of the largest ant burners in the world. The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is a concentrated solar thermal plant in [...]

June 2, 2017 Mohave Desert, US Travel

1453-Bogota, Colombia

Colombia has been very successful in transforming their country from a narcotics-crazed murder factory to a wonderful, safe, and beautiful destination. Janine and I visited Colombia and spent days in Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena. All three cities were different each [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia

1452-Colors of Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful, safe and fun country to visit. Janine and I stayed in Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena de Indias and enjoyed the food, the people, and the sights. Theses are some of the colors of Colombia. For a [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia

1451-Salt Cathedral – Colombia

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is an underground Catholic church build in a former salt mine 600 feet below the ground. The mine also houses 14 small chapels, representing the stations of the cross. As we walked with our tour [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia

1450-Museo de Oro – Colombia

Every South and Latin American country that traces their history to the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas, has a history of producing precious objects for their royalty out of pure gold. Of course Colombia has one and of which they are [...]

January 21, 2017 Colombia