90-San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is a very beautiful  city and we were there on an exceptional day. As you can see from the photos, the weather behaved itself. We first visited the Alamo and found it to be very disappointing in stature. From studying this siege in school we expected it to be this larger than life fort that maybe could have held off the Mexican army. Unfortunately, the Alamo boys lost the battle because the Alamo is very small and the surrounding walls are only about seven feet tall. Not tall enough to stop the pole-vaulting Mexicans and their mariachi music.alamo8

alamo7On the river walk.




alamo2Walls surrounding the Alamo. Easy to pole-vault.


We also visited the beautifully designed redirection of a portion of the San Antonio river to meander through hotels, restaurants, and office buildings in the downtown section of the city. We ate at the old Mexican marketplace and took the calming riverboat trip.