94-Roswell, NM

Roswell, NM has always held a special meaning for those of us who are not from here. Maybe what happened at Roswell was first contact with a Klingon or a Ferengi or a complete hoax perpetrated by an evil government to hide something even more sinister. Either way, unknown Roswell, New Mexico has found a reason to continue their meager existence. They have embraced the UFO experience and made it their own. Roswell has an annual alien festival (this has nothing to do with the US Border Patrol or a large fence) and many of the businesses throughout the city have outer space themes. Every boy at sometime in his life has to go on the Hajj to his own outer space Mecca (or mystical hoax) – and this journey for us was to go to Roswell.

Roswell does have a dark and troubling side. The airport is a bone yard for old and dying commercial aircraft. Hundreds of airliners are being stored at the airport waiting for the vultures of aerospace to pick them apart. We drove by the airport graveyard to experience  the sadness of once proud planes that previously circumnavigated the earth, as they slowly disintegrated in the desert. These planes still flew their airline colors as pieces of their wings, tails, or noses were torn off. There were piles of wheels, rudders, doors, and engine parts lying around as a spooky soft breeze blew the fence. It gave me a little shudder as I wondered where all of these planes ad been.

[vimeo id=”81523331″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


ros8The center of attraction on Main St.

ros7And so was the “Grand Slam Breakfast Surprise.”

ros6Bronze sculpture of an alien droppin’ a duce.

ros5Scientists cut into alien as man operates puppet boy.

ros4No one spoke English inside so I guess they were correct.


ros2Beautiful sky, dying planes.