10-Cars – France

I have yet to see a huge American car here. First of all many of the streets are so narrow that an American car would not fit. I have seen many times cars head into each other at a narrow spot and one of them has to back up. I was told that there is a Hummer in Marseille. It is strictly a status symbol. After going through many of the streets in Marseille, I really don’t know where this person is going to drive that huge thing.

The real issue is the price of gas. Translated into gallons (since they are on the metric system and us liters) it is $4.55 per gallon. Diesel is $3.02 per gallon. It costs more than $90.00 to fill up a car with a 20 gallon tank. Think if you had a 40 gallon Ford Explorer that got 8 miles to the gallon and had to fill it every week. That’s more than $180.00 per week and that’s for the low test gas.

Most of the cars are very small 4-cylinder Diesel engines that get upwards of 30 – 40 miles per gallon. Most are very stylish and zip around quite well. Here is a look as some different styles.