1000-New York City

Christmas in Alaska can be a beautiful thing but after a few seasons it’s naaa – let’s get to the islands for a few weeks and come back with a nasty tan. Janine and I began this winter trip in New York City visiting friends, walking 5th Avenue, seeing a Broadway show, eating in the Village, riding the subway, and exploring Times Square on Christmas Eve. We eventually made our way to Newark Airport and flew to the Virgin Islands.

1000-New York City14Saw Spiderman on Broadway. The show was good but the tech was wonderful. All computer controlled flying rigs where the actors actually fly out over the audience and do battle. The only way to see this show is on the main floor where much of the action is above you (photo stolen from the web).

1000-New York City13Some of the characters in Spiderman (photo stolen from the web).

1000-New York City12Palace Hotel main dining room.

1000-New York City11The largest balls in the world.

1000-New York City10

1000-New York City9Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

1000-New York City8

Empire State Building lit up like a Christmas tree.Time lapse photo taken without tripod through double pane windows.What else could go wrong.

1000-New York City7Are you kidding me!!! I’m not standing in line to get into a store no matter how fake cool it is. This is the Hollister store on 5th Ave and these people are idiots.

1000-New York City6

1000-New York City5

1000-New York City4

1000-New York City3

1000-New York City2

1000-New York City1And of course, riding the subway. This is how it really is.