1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs

The dogs are the athletes at the Iditarod race. Here are some of the handsome beats at their best.

[vimeo id=”79450246″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs14Yup, I’m howling.

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs13Ready to go.

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs12

What you saying Willis?

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs11

Duo singing their song.

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs10

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs9

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs8

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs7The dogs are used to much colder weather for racing. It was 35 degrees and when the racer stopped to see his fans, many of the dogs dug their way into the snow to cool off. They will be running in minus 0 temperatures in a couple of days – and be much happier.

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs6

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs5

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs4

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs2Let’s run right into the photographer and see if we can knock him down.

1005-Iditarod 2013-Dogs1