1023-Glass Museum – Tacoma, WA

Stopped by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA. I have wanted to go to this museum for years every time I was in Seattle but finally got the opportunity on the drive down from Alaska. Was disappointed in the museum section. Expected a much larger display of different techniques and styles, and it was pricey. Got a few shots of some amazing pieces (see below after the kiln photos).The best part of the museum was the live glass demonstrations in the central arena.Entrance to the museum.

1023-Glass Museum4

1023-Glass Museum3

1023-Glass Museum2Blowing and rolling.

1023-Glass Museum1Front entrance.

DSCN0690This is glass.

DSCN0691More glass.

DSCN0692Even more glass.

DSCN0693Yup, glass too.

DSCN0695Thought it was candy.