1016-Native Carvers

Sheldon Museum in Haines, AK. Native carver is working on a commissioned totem pole that will be installed on the ground of the museum. He told me it will take him about a year to complete the carving and painting. The smell from the fragrant wood ships was wonderful.

This post one of the segments of the journey driving from Alaska to Southern California.


[vimeo id=”72358605″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

1016-Native Carvers13The center for Native totem pole carvers in Haines, AK.

1016-Native Carvers12A treasure trove of cool Native art.

1016-Native Carvers11Story behind the totem.

1016-Native Carvers10Work shop restoring totem poles.

1016-Native Carvers9

1016-Native Carvers8New carving designs.

1016-Native Carvers7Inside the shop. This totem was being restored.

1016-Native Carvers6Totem with interesting sun behind the head.

1016-Native Carvers5

1016-Native Carvers4Carvings and art adorning the side of a building on the old parade grounds.

1016-Native Carvers3Totem overlooking the sea port of Haines.

1016-Native Carvers2Carving plan.

1016-Native Carvers1Native carver.