1018-Engine Room

This is the first time I have been on a ship this size for a length of time. So of course I had to score a tour of the engine room. It was smaller than I expected but still rather cool. 2 sixteen cylinder diesel engines cranking out 20 knots along with 2 eight cylinder electrical generators. The sound volume in the engine room was quite thunderous and thrilling.

This post one of the segments of the journey driving from Alaska to Southern California.


1018-Engine Room7Every thing is computer controlled but you can go manual if you need to.

1018-Engine Room6Compressed air tanks to start the engines when they are shut off in port.

1018-Engine Room5Love a big Cat generator.

1018-Engine Room4Electrical generators.

1018-Engine Room3Main engines.

1018-Engine Room2

Propellor shaft to the outside of the ship.

1018-Engine Room1Transfer gearbox to step down the engine speed to gain more torque for the propeller.