1026-NASCAR Hall of Fame – Charlotte, NC

I was in Charlotte, NC at a conference and one of the extra-curricular trips was to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Well, when in Rome – of course I went. Charlotte is the home of NASCAR. It all got started in the 1930’s running moonshine. The good old boys need to stay ahead of the cops so they souped up their rides and out ran em. Soon the local boys started showing off their cars and began competing with each other. This eventually ended up on controlled tracks with rules, sponsors, fans, and huge amounts of money. This museum is a monument to the men who built these crazy rigs and helped us drive safer and more reliable cars today.

We got to race in a simulator on the Daytona race track. The car vibrated and was noisy and gave you a real feel for the road. I kicked my up to 200 mph, killed six or eight people, and eventually won my race.

Another of the simulations was pit crew. I got to change my tire in under 18 seconds. I guess I know how to use an air gun.


[vimeo id=”79541868″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

1026-NASCAR Museum22Raced the Reeses car.

1026-NASCAR Museum23Engine equipment

1026-NASCAR Museum19


1026-NASCAR Museum20This test rack is used to make sure the car meets race specifications.

1026-NASCAR Museum24Main entrance.

1026-NASCAR Museum18Main floor