1032-Rib Cities

I used to live in North Carolina and love my ribs. So when I get to a rib town I start sniffin’ around for the best shack in town. I was recently in Charlotte, NC. And as you may know North Carolina makes one of the best rib meals you can sink your teeth into. North Cackalacky has a unique sauce they use on their ribs along with cold slaw and baked beans. These pork ribs fall off the bone and melt in your mouth, This plate me all of my expectations and then some. I ate a full rack and then had to go back to the hotel and lay down. All worth it.

1032-Ribs1Pork ribs. Yum.

 The next week I was in Kansas City where beef is the featured animal. So when in Rome… I got a rack of beef ribs. They were huge and unfortunately they were greasy and fatty and didn’t settle well in my belly. I was not thrilled with ribs in beef town. My buddy who ate with me ordered the pork ribs and they looked delicious.