1050-Jungle Tour – Panama

We toured the rain forest boating up the Panama Canal towards Lake Gatun. We cruised in a speed boat through small islands checking out the animal life stopping to see monkeys, birds, and other wild creatures. We also rode a jungle skyway up to the top of a local mountain and climbed a 100 foot tower for a look out over the rain forest and the canal.

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=lake+gatun&hl=en&ll=9.115233,-79.692078&spn=0.087967,0.093298&sll=33.604208,-117.657369&sspn=0.296812,0.31208&hnear=Gatun+Lake&t=h&z=14 “]

[vimeo id=”83613309″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

DSCN1677This is the bridge below. Funky one-lane shaky trip.




DSCN1685Up in the canopy of the rain forest. We were there during the dry season.

DSCN1693Looking out on the river that feeds the Canal

DSCN1695This is the paper plant as indicated by all of the tourists who had sign the plant.

DSCN1696This is a strangulation vine that will eventually kill the tree.

DSCN1697Termite nest facing down to so the rain will run off it.



DSCN1705Native village inhabited by the Kuna tribe who still live off the river and jungle.


(Photo stolen from the web.)


DSCN1708View of Panama Canal and river.

DSCN1710Gamboa City – Original home of the Panama Canal Administration.

DSCN1718From the rain forest canopy lookout tower.

DSCN1719This ivy plant grabbed this tree many years ago when the tree was only inches high.
As the tree grew it dragged the ivy plant with it. The tree was about 50 feet high.

DSCN1724Canopy cable car.

DSCN1729Tree Sloth with baby.

DSCN1762On the Canal looking for monkeys.

DSCN1766Your basic vulture.

DSCN1775Howler monkeys.

DSCN1798Our crew on the canal.