1065-Lucha Libre

I have watched Mexican wrestling for years and used to have a mask I purchased in Cancun. I realized Mexico City was the motherland for Mexican wrestling and could not get out of the city without checking it out. Luca Libre at the Arena in Mexico City is like going to the Vatican if you are Catholic. Janine and and I took a cab to the creepy part of town and had great seats (second row) for all the action. Lucha Libre is basically three things: acrobatics, sport, and soap opera. These athletes do amazing physical stunts and throw themselves around and out of the ring. Each wrestler selects a persona they develop into a character. There are good characters and bad characters. The audience roots for their favorite. There is also a character called an “exotic.” He he takes on the persona of a gay wrestler and steals kisses from and pinches the butts of the other wrestlers. The audience goes crazy for this. This evening “Maximo” was the exotic. He was great and kicked everyone’s butt in the ring. The crowd drinks beer, eats tacos, and screams for their favorite lucadora. We laughed all evening and thoroughly enjoyed the night.

Unfortunately, all wrestling events at the arena are on “pay for view” television in Mexico and they searched me and took my camera – along with a couple hundred other people (yes I got it back at the end). So the video below of wrestling was created by Max Shavishinsky on YouTube (he was able to sneak in his camera) and this would have been the video I would have made had I had my camera. Thanks Max for letting me use it (he doesn’t know I’m using it).

[vimeo id=”83626590″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Lucha Libre1

Lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) masks in Mexico City
Wrestling masks.

I’m going to Mexican Wrestling!!! – with a shock absorber.


Lucha Libre15
Bimbo girls come out and wiggle around between each bout.

Lucha Libre16This is Maximo. Playing the Queen that kicks everyone’s butt.

Lucha Libre14

Lucha Libre13