1075-Deira, Emirates

I about four hours the first night in Deira, the old section of Dubai before Janine arrived. This is where the middle class live. When I got to the hotel I asked the manager where I could walk around at about 11:00 at night. Coming from New Orleans and having visited too many other cities I wanted to know where not to go at this time of night. He told me go anywhere. There is no crime here. You will be safe anywhere at anytime. I walked out into a local neighborhood where everyone looked like them and I looked like me. People were so friendly and open I was empowered to walk down dark streets. Fell into a local kabob shop and had a great local meal. I could out lager that the Arab culture is embracing to stranger and as a guest whatever is theirs is yours. I would like to visit again.

DSCN2240Downtown Deira

DSCN2245Normal people live here.

DSCN2248In there cutting meat at 11:00 at night.

DSCN2249Love this part of having a carpentry shop next to a beauty salon.