1077-Marie Antoinettes – Mahe, Seychelles

The culture of the Seychelles is Creole. Creole is the domestic language while English is used in business. We wanted to taste the Creole food so we visited Marie Antoinette’s Creole Restaurant. We heard from our guides that a specialty of the island was fruit bat curry. We had to go when we found out that Marie Antoinette’s was serving it only one night this week. A fruit bat is about the size of a small rabbit with the face of a dog and wingspan of about three feet. They set up nets at night and trap them as they fly. This species of bat is related to the dog and not the normal bat. It has the face of a dog and looks like a flying chihuahua. My philosophy is the cuter they are the tastier they are – and yes Janine ate it too. Marie Antoinette’s menus was pre fixe. Nothing to order. You sat down and they began bringing food. One of everything from the Creole cuisine. It was wonderful. A bottle of good red wine and fruit bat, it doesn’t get any better than that.

DSCN2573This is the spread

DSCN2572Fruit bat curry.

fruitbat 2
The cuter the tastier.