1087-Airbus A 380

Janine and I had the opportunity to visit the Republic of Seychelles courtesy of the Seychelles Tourism Board. They were showing off their country in hopes of bringing one of her corporate incentives trips there. Janine was coming off one of her corporate trips in the Canary Islands and met me in Dubai.

My trip began with a non-stop ride from Los Angels to Dubai (15 hours) on the greatest plane ever built – the Airbus A-380. This is the new double-decker plane that in this configuration held almost 550 passengers. It was a great ride on Emirates Air. No baggage fees, great food, all the booze you could handle, great flight attendants from all over the world, free WiFi, and 1500 channels of movies, television, music, and pod casts. I watched so many horrible movies during the trip. My flight had a crew from twenty different countries who spoke twenty one different languages.

One of the best aspects of a long trip was knowing where you were. This Airbus A-380 had external video cameras so you could watch the takeoff and the land below, GPS digital maps of the plane’s location along with travel statistics on the flight, as well as views out of the cockpit. Check out the photos of the video screens.

I’d fly Emirates Air again great trip and wonderful service both at the airport as well as on the plane. Check out the takeoff from LAX on the plane camera.

[vimeo id=”90657910″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

a380emraWhat a great plane.

Yes, all of the flight attendants look like this from countries from all over the world.

DSCN2222Video camera in the tail of the plane allows you to watch the entire flight.

DSCN2224Where the Hell am I going?

DSCN2227View from the cockpit