1111-Font’s Point – Anza Borrego, CA

I’ve done a lot of crazy things on my adventures but this may be at the top of the list. I asked the ranger in the station what would be interesting to see and she told me Font Point. She asked me what I was driving and I told her a Subaru Outback, and she said I would be okay. She also told me that it had rained the day before so all of the washes and rivers were fresh with new sand. So off I went to find the small sign directing me towards Font Point The sign was tiny and I missed it the first time driving by and needed to turn around. It appeared to be a legitimate dirt road off the highway, but soon turned into a fresh river bed with four to six inches of soft, silty, talcum-like sand. I popped my Subbie into first gear and started up the four-mile “road.” The sand got thicker and thicker but I kept up the speed as if I was driving in deep snow at about five miles per hour. At times I could hear the sand dragging up against the undercarriage of the car, but I kept going. I was the only one out on this “road” in the middle of nowhere trying not to get stuck. Frequently the tires would spin and my heart would pop up into my throat, but I was too far in and kept going. My heart was beating fast as my Subbie kept pluggin’ away. I felt like Crocodile Dundee from those Subaru ads from many years ago. The river bed got narrower and narrower as the sand got deeper and deeper. I was almost out of my league in adventure driving as my blood pressure peaked and I turned the corner the there was the end – at last! All I could think was, I had to drive it all the way out again. I was four miles off the main road and it was totally quite. I hiked up the short trail to the cliff edge to view an amazing canyon. The ranger called it a mini grand canyon. It was over a thousand feet deep and cut into these prehistoric shapes through millions of years of water and wind erosion. I got on the very edge of the cliff for the best camera view and it was stunning. Off in the distance I heard another vehicle, and was relieved. I hurried down the trail to find a park ranger checking the area. As he started to leave I flagged him down and chatted him up a little. I told him that this drive with the river bed conditions was about at the limit of my adventure driving and that I would follow him out. He said he would drive slow and wait for me. He had a big four-wheel truck with huge tires so I was going to let him set a track with those tires and I was not going to get out of it. His “slow” was something else. It was thirty miles per hour, but I stayed with him. My Subbie and I have never had such a wild ride, but I drove out safely, to adventure again.

Fon't Point1

Font's Point

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DSCN3168Standing on the cliff edge.