1126-Sky Village Market Place – Yucca Valley, CA

The Swap Meet in Yucca Valley is a throw-back to the week-end days when a swap meet would regularly appear on the grounds of the local drive-in movie theater. This lot used to be the Sky Village Drive-In for the high desert. The ticket shack is still there along with all of the holes in the ground that once held the car speaker racks. The old snack bar is now a small restaurant where you can get a greasy breakfast of biscuits and gravy. The sound system constantly plays Elvis and the Mamas and Papas along with medley of music from the sixties and seventies you would rather not hear again. It’s a a world of it’s own, a dense shanty-like town of booths and stands packed with curios, desert junk, and overgrown cactus gardens and made for a wonderful adventure into a sub-culture of vibrant and interesting people you would never find living closer to the coast. These are desert people and they are proud of it. We talked with all of them and found their conversations intriguing and worth the time. Janine purchased a number of items that I had to shake my head on. But, girls will be girls. We will go back in November with it cools down a bit in the high desert and when every stall will be filled with more junk then you can shake a desert stick at.

DSCN3419There one of everything here.

DSCN3420Never seen so much stuff I couldn’t use.


DSCN3434Couple of desert rats and a girl.


DSCN3437Used to be a drive-in theater. This was the ticket office.


DSCN3441Who need an eight foot tall chicken?