1127-Holy Jim Falls – Orange County, CA

Bought a book on day hikes in Orange County, CA. Started thumbing through it and found a hike I hadn’t done since Boy Scouts. It was thirty minutes away up the main street near my house. Turned off on to a four-mile dirt road that eventually turned into a 4-wheel drive special. All of the other vehicles on the road were Jeeps or 4-wheel trucks. My Subaru Outback can hold it’s own 4-wheelin’. The farther I went back into the canyon, the more lush it became. Even though California is having a drought, this little canyon had a trickle running down it’s riverbed, and Holy Jim Falls was tiny, but it was still falling.

[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Holy+Jim+Canyon&hl=en&ll=33.678068,-117.516332&spn=0.022785,0.033174&sll=33.681497,-117.472687&sspn=0.091135,0.132694&oq=holy+jim+&hnear=Holy+Jim+Canyon&t=h&z=15 “]


DSCN3595At the trail head


DSCN3599One of Three Little pigs house.





This is Holy Jim Falls. It’s only a trickle right now, but during the rainy season
(whenever that will in in California) it can be a spectacular sight. It’s about twenty feet high.

DSCN3621This is the end of the trail and the falls are on the left. It was very quiet here so I spent some time.


DSCN3633Who would have thought this type of landscape was only thirty minutes away.

DSCN3639Hiking out to see the surrounding canyons.

DSCN3641Down the road the river can get quite serious during the rains.