1142-Assholes – Sedona, AZ

Apparently, the asshole has been with us since the beginning of time. These are jerks who have such little self esteem and worth that they have to leave their mark on anything they come near. It’s like a cat that sprays around your house, or the dog that pees up the front of your house. This is my territory, so don’t come around. This is the graffiti and tagging crowd I saw at the Honanki and Palatki Native Indian ruins near Sedona, AZ. Between the native petroglyphs dating back thousands of years detailing hunting grounds, shaman, ceremonies, seasons, location of water, etc. were the useless markings of the small brained. Some of this graffiti dates back to the middle 1800s from the early settlers to this area. Nothing creative, historical, artistic, or worthwhile, just “I’m an idiot, and was here.” All of the native petroglyph sites in this part of Arizona are now protected and you can only see them with a guide, otherwise, they would have been spray-painted over at some point.


Notice the petroglyph behind the writing on the right.



Native markings underneath the writing.