1144-Honanki – Sedona, AZ

Honanki is one of the finest examples of Southern Sinagua architecture in the American Southwest. The Southern Sinagua constructed sophisticated dwellings of towering stone walls held together with a mixture of water and mud. Portions of these structures were two stories high and topped with parapet walls. This site had more than 70 rooms. Archaeologists think these people first appeared 8,000 BC in this area and domed with other groups around 800 AD to form this society. These villages were build under the overhang of the cliffs to protect them from the elements.




XXX_0786Large animal.

XXX_0781Built into the cliff overhangs that protect them from the elements.

XXX_0779Native ruins you can get close to.

XXX_0773Black stains are from rain water seeping out chemicals from the rocks.