1150-Bell Rock – Sedona, AZ

Bell Rock on the outskirts of Sedona, AZ is a natural wonder to see, and an even more wonderful to experience. Bell Rock is one of the energy vortexes that surround Sedona and is claimed to be one of the most powerful. I’m open to the mumbo jumbo of the new age but have always been skeptical. I’ve been to Bell Rock before and experienced its power sitting on an overlook quieting my mind until the mountain silently wrapped its arms around me and pulls me into itself. Okay, sound like a bunch of crap, but I couldn’t wait to have it do it to me again. I got up a sunrise to climb the rock and find my special spot. Up I climbed, on all fours, scratching my way up the steep faces and overlooks until I found my spot a couple hundred feet above the valley floor with a comfortable rock where I could sit for a while. No one else was on the rock and it was totally quiet. I sat for a while quieting my mind and slowly my body began to vibrate form the inside. I let it continue until a beautiful feeling engulfed me and I rode the wave. It was beyond meditation, hypnosis, breathing, or altered states. It felt natural and wonderful. I rode the edge of the wave until others appeared on the rock and began making noise. I brought myself back to this reality and hiked down an enlightened man.

On my drive towards town I got to thinking what just happened. Is it some supernatural phenomena or just a natural occurrence from the geology? I’ve concluded, it’s a natural geological phenomena that causes this wonderful experience. The red rocks of Sedona are all iron oxide and Bell Rock is nothing but a huge hunk of iron and because of it’s size is a huge magnet. Our red blood cells consist of a lot of iron with each cell (magnet) spinning in many directions as they travel through our bodies. Sitting on this huge magnet does something to the alignment of these iron particles in our body and you can feel the sensation. Is there healing power, who knows. Is it a wonderful experience, yes it is. Will I do it again, yes I will.

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XXX_0929Long early morning light.




XXX_0910I sat on the middle roundish rock.




XXX_0897Cathedral Rock across the way.

XXX_0930Even the yogi fiends had to climb the rock to be in coyote position.