1156-Salt Flats – Death Valley, CA

We ventured out on the salt flats so my friend Jim and his wife Diana could do an artistic photo shoot. This is the lowest point of Death Valley and one of the driest places on earth. The moonscape of a broken glass sharp salt crust that appeared benign, but would cut your hand if you weren’t cautious. The crust was as hard as cement and gave a broken pottery sound when cracked. It also produced a high frequency ring when hit as if you were hitting a porcelain vase with a small rubber mallet. The white salt river in the center of the valley was from the last flowing section of water and ofter dried into hexagon formations on the desert floor. The surrounding brown fields are mud covered salt that eventually pushed it’s way upward as it froze, thawed, and dried.

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[vimeo id=”112575689″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


XXX_2207My car has been to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska and now on the road to nowhere in Death Valley.




XXX_2175Road to nowhere.




XXX_2125One year’s worth of salt.

XXX_2124Felt like a piece of pottery or glass.


Home AgainThis is a rough mix of Jim’s art piece on the salt flats.