1160-20 Mule Team Canyon, Death Valley, CA

Canyons of salt thirty feet high and at times barely wide enough for your car create a moonscape of barren beauty in Death Valley. These canyons created by the salt discharge from the ancient lake bed and then thrust upwards by earthquake energies, allow us to venture into a world wherein the canyon walls speak. These walls are made entirely of a salty mineral (I’ve tasted it) that expands when heated by the sun. We were in the canyons in the early morning and as the sun lit one side of the narrow canyon, you could hear the canyon wall creek and moan as it heated up. The natural awakening of Mother Earth was disconcerting the closer you got to the cliff wall. As it clicked and groaned, large overhangs of salt material looked down at you deciding whether to crush you or not. We stepped back, on that windless motionless morning, and listened to the earth grumpily get out of bed.

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[googlemap width=”620″ height=”480″ src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Death+Valley,+20+Mule+Team+Road,+Inyo+County,+CA&hl=en&sll=36.592583,-116.996841&sspn=0.011147,0.016737&oq=20+mule+team,+Death+Valley,+Inyo+County,+CA&t=h&hnear=20+Mule+Team+Rd,+DEATH+VALLEY,+California+92328&z=15″]

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These are the canyon walls that talk to you. Notice all of the falling debris. Don’t get too close if you’re not really listening.


XXX_1953Stalagmite of salt never reaching anything.